Benfica Podcast #94 12/17/13

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Benfica Podcast #94 12/17/13

Postby afumacas » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:31 am

In this week's episode.....

We kickoff by looking back at Benfica's game against Olhanense. Having to come back twice, in another less than convincing performance the most important aspect of this game has to be the three points. We look at Enzo's absence, Artur's injury, individual talent, and Oblak' possible take over of Benfica's number 1 spot. We look at Oblak's experience, and whether or not he will have the mental capabilities to overcome the high pressure that comes with the starting job.

Next up, we briefly look at Benfica's Europa League impending campaign, as Benfica will once again be in Greece to play Miguel Vitor's Paok, and will have to contend with either Napoli or Swansea in the next round.

We preview this weekend's upcoming game against Vitoria Setubal, a team on the upswing. To finish off, we talk some B team, by looking at their last game in their domestic campaign. Still with the B team, and youngsters, we discuss Bernardo SIlva and Rochinha who were recently tied up to new contracts with high rescinding clauses. Silva. who is perhaps one of the most talented youth players to come out of Benfica's youth system, will need to handled very carefully by Benfica in order to become the player he has the potential to become.

Thanks for listening

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Re: Benfica Podcast #94 12/17/13

Postby JonM » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:07 pm

I've managed to watch Bernardo Silva about a dozen times, and from what I've seen, he does appear to have to potential to be a top player some day. In fact, something about the kid reminds me of a left-footed Andres Iniesta.

Now I'm not saying that he is going to be as good as the Barcelona man, but his style of play (and physique) is quite similar: fantastic close-control, superb touch, excellent movement, etc. Therefore, given his potential, it will be extremely important for Benfica to manage his progress effectively. As you guys mentioned, he is too good for the second division, but not quite ready to become an established member of the first team. I say give him some minutes in the Tacas and Europa League, and perhaps loan him out to a first division club for the 2014/2014 season (preferably one that is competing in the Europa League). We cannot let this talent go to waste.
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Re: Benfica Podcast #94 12/17/13

Postby Mdot » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:00 am

These guys are always great, there was one mistake I have to point out. If advance to the next round our possible opponents is the winner of Dnipro/Tottenham.

As for Oblak, I think he will get the start this weekend, the next two matches are Nacional (League Cup) and Gil (Taca) typically Artur would sit out the cup games. So even if he heals up after this weekend, Oblak could get a several back to back chances to play which could give him a shot at the starting 11 or at the very least give something for Artur to think about which could help his performances.

I agree with JonM that Bernardo doesn't need to be loaned out. If he's still in school, let him play on the B-team this year and give him some mins via the league cup. Next season work him in with starting positions in the Taca, League Cup, and the odd sub for smaller liga games. He's still young and I think we have more then enough opportunities to give him playing time to help transition him without the need to loan him out or throw him into the spot light with important games on the main team.
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Re: Benfica Podcast #94 12/17/13

Postby afumacas » Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:50 am

Mario, I realized the mistake as soon as we finished recording. Oblak has been great, he hasnt had a lot to do, but when he has been called he has been excellent. My fear is that after this weekends Cup game he may be back to the Bench.

As for Bernardo, we have to be very careful. I thing he should finish the season with the B's then next year depending on the depth of the squad, we should keep him around if we are looking to give him a look at the A, I think next year he will be the best player of the second league, if he stays with the B's. if not, keep him at a mid to lower level team, where he is going to get the reps and the experience.
We have to keep him in Portugal though, going abroad, if it's not a team where he will have playing time it's just a waste. We would be displacing a young player away from his family, and putting him in a situation where he may not play as much as we would like him to, and for Bernardo, reps is key, but good and consistent reps.

Thanks for your support guys.
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