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Re: Rate the Benfica Players

Postby saviola » Mon May 16, 2011 2:30 am

quality summary like always !
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Re: Rate the Benfica Players

Postby miklos-russia » Mon May 16, 2011 12:27 pm

thanks, it was interesting to read.

Can I comment a little, please? Menezes scored an amazing goal and Peixoto played a great game against Porto. That's why I would like to rate them both at 5.5 - only for THAT perfomance :) . But I'm agree with your words about them.

And Super Maxi - 9, yeah it's totally deserved! :benficaflag
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Re: Rate the Benfica Players

Postby SLB » Tue May 17, 2011 8:20 pm

We underachieved this season.
But my player of the year is Salvio......hope to see him back
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JS Benfica Overview

Postby ja_santacruz » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:48 pm


Hey, so there's a few threads like this around here. So I thought I would make one instead of moaning here and there. :ok Sure you will all find out (If you haven't already) I like to be down to the point and can seem like a bit of a moaner ;) But I am still as much Benfiquista as the next one. :benfica

I will highlight each player and my opinions on him. I am sure I will be controversial. But I can guarantee I will spice things up :wave

I am sure I will miss a few, but I just don't know enough about them to comment on them.

One of my favorite players. His talent is undeniable. I hope that he does win the starting spot this year. It angers me to think that he first lost his spot when he suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Belenenses. (Which he was not responsible for in my eyes). Since then the club have never put the confidence in him, even though he did fantastically as a youngster. I remember the game against Anderlecht! AMAZING!

Julio Cesar
Who? One of Jesus's ventures.

Will be interesting to see how he settles. I wish him all the best. Can certainly see a big push for that starting spot.

I like him. Has been professional while at the club. Certainly has great ability as a defender. A definite starter.

A player has a good season and he is snapped up. Frustrating when you think of the Portuguese players who have had solid seasons at lower clubs and never get spotted. I Believe he will start alongside Luisao just because of age and experience.

Miguel Vitor
Young. But a fruit from our youth system. Would love him to break into the first eleven near the end of the season.

Will be a backup in my opinion.

Cesar Peixoto
Again one of those player who had a good season so got snapped up. Benfica ignored his form in the past. Now they have a below par player in the squad. Just being blunt.

In my eyes he will leave. So I won't waste my time. If he doesn't leave then he wants to. So I don't want him here. Sport Lisboa Benfica are not a stepping stone.

Definite starter. A constant performer for the club. Enough said.

David Simao
Will not be a starter. Hopefully he can break through at the end of the season.

Nuno Coelho
A bit of a gamble for me. Coming from a squad that just missed relegation. Would love him to turn out to be a good gamble though lol.

I haven't seen this player. But I hear good things, so I shall judge when I see him play.

Bruno Cesar
Have been in contact with some contacts who know the Brazilian league well. This is what one said;

"Bruno Cesar had his six months of glory. It left a doubt in people's mind wether he is good enough to play in high level or just a regular player that complains every time that goes to the bench. He played very well for the Second div side (at the time) Santo André and after the state championship moved to Corinthians. He suprised everybody by playing really well and by his amazing long shot.

When the new season started in January, we were all expecting big things from him, but what we saw was bad football and argues with team mates. I'm pretty sure Benfica signed him because of his "golden 6 months". I don't know exactly what expect from him in Portugal."

Lets hope he turns out to be a great player for us :D

Ruben Amorim

Would love to see him heavily used this season. Always a believer of giving our own nationality the chances they deserve.

Class act for us. Will be vital this year.

Some people won't like this, but I think he's past it. Too inconsistent. I like his attitude though and have nothing against him. Hopefully he keeps some good form and can drive the team in attack.

Carlos Martins
Mr.Hot&Cold. Enough said.


Should start, can't see why he wouldn't. Good player, just hoping he is not using us a stepping stone club.

Nelson Oliveira
Like the other younger Portuguese. Hope he can make some appearances off the bench. And maybe just get some opportunities near the end of season and in the cup.

Look I don't like or rate him. But I'm not deluded. If he scores goals I will be the first one asking for him to be on the team sheet. Think he will start ahead of all other strikers.

Will judge what sort of form he is in at pre season. If playing well there is a chance he will be starting.

Here's controversial. When will we see this player for his true colors? There is a reason he has always been so highly rated at every club when he arrives. But funny enough he is yet to leave his mark on football. Unless you count being an underachiever an achievement. On the bench for me.

As for the rest of the squad, pre season will tell for me :) Of course it doesn't all lie on pre season, but that is where our initial thoughts will come from.

Give me your opinions on it :D Sure there will be some disagreements lol.

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Re: Rate the Benfica Players

Postby Benfiquista » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:01 am

Halfway mark of the season, so you know what that means, rate and explain your rating of each Benfica player on the team. Basicly you give every Benfica player a rating from 1-10 and explain how you came up with that number. Also since a lot of our players seem to be in the transfer news put down how much money are players are worth. I'll start it off...
1. Artur- 9 What a huge upgrade in goal. Why couldn't we have this guy last season? IMO His been our best signing. Controls his area well, picks out crosses like their nothing, and most importantly makes saves when needed and then some.
Price Tag- $15Mill
3. Emerson- 6.5 I'm not 100% convinced with Emerson yet. As of this moment his an average left-back and I wouldn't blame Benfica for going after another left-back next month.
Price Tag- $2Mill
4. Luisão- 8.5 His experience and leadership has been crucial for us over the years. Not only does he defend well, but he can pop in a goal here and there. I hope to see the big man make a full recovery at the start of 2012.
Price Tag- $15Mill
5. Ruben Amorim- 6.5 Hasn't really got going this season, but like I've always said, his a perfect utility player to have on your team.
Price- $4.5Mill
6. Javi García- 8.5 The guy is an animal. I really can't say anything bad about his game. The man is just a beast in the midfield. Also love the fact that he can pop in a class headed goal from time to time. I hope he sticks with us for a long time even though some big teams are starting to take interest in him.
Price- $18Mill
7. Cardozo- 7.5 I don't know what to make of Cardozo anymore. Sometimes his good and other times his just plain useless. His definitely a frustrating player for the fans alight.
Price Tag- $20Mill
8. Bruno Cesar- 8 I like this player a lot. He has high Futebol IQ and once Aimar calls it a day, then doubt "Chuta Chuta" is going to take his place.
Price Tag- $13Mill
9. Nolito- 8 His first couple of months in Benfica were out of this world, but since then his form has dropped a bit. I hope he can regain his early season form because when Nolito is on his game, his a joy to watch (As was seen today!)
Price Tag- $13Mill
10. Aimar- 9 A true world class attacking midfielder. His passing and vision on the field is truly one of a kind. His showing this season what an important player he is to the team. I've always said we should sell him to get a little money since his up there in age, but with his performances this season, I wouldn't mind seeing Pablito finishing his footballing career as a Benfiquista!
Price Tag- $6Mill
11. Jara- 6 Only played one game before going out on loan, but was good enough to earn a six. I still feel Jara should be part of this team, but at least his getting more playing time in Spain.
Price Tag- $11Mill
14. Maxi Pereira- 8 He doesn't have the nickname "Super Maxi" for nothing. I just love how he gets the job done at both ends of the field. He defends well, attacks well, and just never stops hustling. I want this guy to retire as a Benfiqusita!
Price Tag- $16Mill
16. Nelson Oliveira- 7 A player for the future! Even though the kid has played only four games this season, I like what I see from him. He isn't afraid to take a shot which is good to see from a young striker. At times I prefer him starting over Cardozo! He can't be any worse then him if Jesus gave him the chance to start a couple of games. All I know is he better start every group match in the BWIN Cup.
Price Tag- $21Mill
19. Rodrigo- 8 So glad Jesus finally gave this kid a chance to play! His on the same boat as N.Oliveira as another player for the future. I look forward to seeing him play more in 2012.
Price Tag- $20Mill
20. Gaitan- 8 He was good his first season, and getting better in his second. Of course it would be nice to see him grab more goals, but at least his setting them up. Top assister in the Champions League with five!
Price- $25Mill
21. Matic- 7 Good backup for Javi Garica. I definitely like having this guy serve backup then Airton. Brings much more physical presence to the midfield then Airton.
Price Tag- $6Mill
22. Mora- N/A I really can't say too much about Mora since his only played limited amounts of minutes. I won't be too surprised to see him go out on loan and then never hear from him again though.
Price Tag- $2Mill
24. Garay- 8 I can't say anything bad about Garay. His been good for us since coming over from Madrid.
Price Tag- $18Mill
26. David Simao- N/A Have to see more of him.
Price Tag- $4Mill
27. Miguel Vitor- 7 I really like this kid and wish we can see more of him, but sadly he has better players in front of him.
Price Tag- $8Mill
28. Witsel- 8 I love this guy! His really the final piece which makes Jesus's 4-2-3-1 formation work so good. Also he doesn't make a bad right winger either. His just so smooth on the ball. Also when he has the ball at his feet, it's almost impossible for defenders to take the ball away from him. Keep up the good work kid.
Price Tag- $22Mill
30. Saviola- 6.5 Sadly his time with SLB is coming up. His no where like the player we had during the 09/10 season. He was pretty crappy last season and this season it's no different. I'm glad Jesus has finally woken up and seen this because I couldn't stand seeing Saviola in the starting line-up anymore. I hope we do finally sell come January.
Price- $3.5Mill
33. Jardel- 8.5 Has been nothing, but solid since replacing the injured Luisao. I really feared when Luisao went down, but man has Jardel stepped up nicely alongside Garay.
Price- $7.5Mill
35. Enzo Perez- N/A He took part in the first three league games, but I hardly even remember him taking the field. I hope he finally recovers from his injury so we can see what this guy is all about.
Price Tag- $7Mill
36. Luis Martins- 6.5 19-year-old kid makes his first Benfica appearance in a Champions League game and ends up playing pretty well. At times I prefer him starting then Emerson.
Price Tag- $1Mill
37. Ruben Pinto- N/A Hasn't played a single minute this season, but would like to see that change once the BWIN Cup games start.
Price Tag- $10Mill
38. Capdevila- 6.5 I don't know what he did to get on Jesus's bad side, but I have to say that he is a true professional. I mean he could've act like a little bitch after not being included in the CL squad, but he stayed cool about the matter and gave decent enough performances in the two Portuguese Cup games. I still would like him to stay, but unfortunately it's not going to happen.
Price Tag- $2.5Mill
39. Mika- N/A Better be starting goalkeeper in the BWIN Cup games.
Price Tag- $10Mill
47. Eduardo- 8 He was nothing, but solid in the Cup games he got. I wish he could be our starting goalkeeper, but Artur is the man between the posts at the moment. As much as I like Eduardo, I hope he finds another club next month. The guy is too good of a goalkeeper to be sitting on the bench. Also he knows very well he won't make the Euro 2012 squad if he continues riding the bench.
Price Tag- *On Loan
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