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Summer Transfer Window 2016

Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:50 pm

Lets get the latest discussion going about the transfers this summer. So far it looks like Renato will be going to Bayern and Gaitan will be headed to Madrid. I have found it interesting that there hasnt been any official announcements about Gaitan. I wont feel 100% sure until we get an official announcement.

We have also signed up former Benfica youth player Andre Horta. He is a midfielder but from what ive heard, he is more of a 10 than the 8 that we need to replace Renato. Therefore, i think we should still look to bring someone in.

Finally, the rumors about Jonas and Talisca moving to China have died down lately, but i would still say the deal is likely with the Chinese teams looking to see how Jonas plays in Copa America.

Hopefully we'll see plenty of quality come into the team this summer.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Jun 06, 2016 4:29 pm

Well the silly season is already in full swing just a couple of weeks after the last season finished. The amount of rumors circulating around practically all our key players already is untrue! If the various press reports are all to be believed, our entire squad is up for sale, lol!

What's for sure is that LFV and the SAD are definitely on a mission to make big money on sales this summer (every summer it seems like this club debt is bigger than we all thought!). I thought that the mega sale of Renato would at least ensure we wouldn't have to sell any more key players, how wrong i was! Gaitan is already gone, Talisca will likely follow and I wouldn't even be surprised to see Jonas get sold to China. That would be a crazy sale and i hope it doesn't happen, as quite simply we wouldn't have won either of the last 2 Ligas without his prolific scoring.

Even rumors of Carrillo getting sold before he's even kicked a ball for us. Again I hope this is just bullshit press rumors, because Carrillo could turn out to be a very decent replacement for Gaitan. This new kid from Argentina, Franco Cervi, looks very talented from the videos I've seen. He looks like Gaitan on speed lol, much pacier and quicker than Nico, but with similar technical ability. I think the combination of him and Carrillo would be a more than adequate replacement for Gaitan on the left wing.

We need to buy a good number 8 box to box player to replace Renato in the midfield. Horta looks promising, but as stay_toasty mentions, he looks like more of a number 10 attacking midfielder (and thus more of a replacement for Talisca should the Brasilian leave). And we have to make sure we keep both Lindelof and Jardel (plenty of rumors regarding them too) as Luisao ain't getting any younger. Stand by more weeks and weeks of more constant rumors to follow hahaha!!!

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:32 am

Today Rui Vitoria starts working for the new season. Unlike last year were he had little time to plan, I'm very excited to see how this pre-season goes.

In terms of silly papers, it'll be interesting to see if these rumors are true. Lately I've seen lots of rumors on Jardel leaving for Italy. I saw people on twitter getting up in arms about it but if we can hold Lindelof, it would be a good deal. We also have Lopes as another CB option.

We did sign Branimir Kalaica, 18 year old Croatian CB and slapped a 45million buyout on him. So I'm guessing someone is going to go.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:24 pm

Did we really get Zivkovic after all!?!? With him on one wing and Carillo on the other, that has the making for a dynamic duo. Don't forget about Cervi too. Celis is bagged and Adam Nagy is supposedly going to go to the highest bidder. Kalaica looks like a great signing and it looks like we closed Oscar Benitez from Lanus too. I also read that Cesar will be returning from Flamengo in a day or two.

Bring me one more stud MF player and put in a serious bid on Joao Miguel, the young keeper from Guimares (Sporting apparently have the right of first refusal, but I think we can bag him with a decent offer they cannot match) and that's a dream off season.

I was hoping Djurucic would somehow come back re-energized and be excited to play with Fejsa, Zivkovic, Jovic, etc. Sad to say, but he apparently he was not invited to camp this year.

Cannot wait for the preseason to start.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:07 pm

Zivkovic arrived today in Lisbon!!

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Jul 04, 2016 11:31 am

What's with this overload of wingers being signed? Gaitan left, but we've bought Carillo, Cervi, Benitez and now possibly Zivkovic too. I wonder if this means it's curtains for Salvio and they going to sell him? I hope not because that guy loves this club, a true Benfiqusita and is a tried and tested player for us. With all these new wingers arriving, it would be beneficial to have some experience in that area. Difficult to see Carcela being kept, as there are only places for about 5 or 6 wingers in a squad. He will probably be loaned out for next season.

Celis has been confirmed too and is apparently highly rated in his native Colombia. He looks like the obvious replacement for Renato as the number 8. We probably need one more CM for the squad too. Instead of buying somebody new, we should simply give Pele a place in the squad for the new season, after his loan out last season. Pele could bring some useful steel and power to our midfield options, and is versatile enough to play as a number 6 or 8.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:22 pm

Changed companies plus with some other crazy stuff I've had a hard time getting online. Things are starting to settle down and I'm looking forward to the preseason. That will help figure out which of these wingers will stay on. I'm very interested in seeing Carrillo in action after not playing for so long. I'm hoping this guy can be our next be star given how well he was doing before his fall out with Sporting.

Also rumors of Fejsa going to Valencia at the moment but that can be added to the other pile of total BS that comes from the papers lol!

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:32 pm

Thank God the Forum is back up. I've been itching to write a post for over a week!

I want to start with some of the summer transactions and then move on to my impression of the the team so far:

Guys like Fabio Cardoso, Helder Costa, Bruno Varela, Rebocho, J-Rod, Hello John, Nelson O, etc. simply are not Benfica quality. I like the aggressive clean out! Add Joao Teixera, Marcal, etc. to this list too. Surprised Berto was loaned, was a top player for B team last term.

Keepers: Paulo played well, but I have real concerns about JC. Looked so-so during game play but absolutely terrible defending PK's-like he is hurt and can't get move quick enough or fully stretch out. If he keeps this form up, no issue with Ederson getting the nod.

DF: I think Semedo grew 2 inches since last fall, and he and Grimaldo both look superb! Great battle between AImeida & Semedo at RB. I think one of the Cb's may be sold, and it will be a mistake. I love the Kalaica pick up. Tremendous upside and we got him on a free! We are really taking advantage of the free transfers the last few yrs (save for Tarrabt!)

The MF is so unsettled. No real answer for the loss of Renato. Fejsa hurt already, Samaris adrift, Carillo unimpressive. Horta looks good but not sure if I trust him as a starter just yet. Danilo was a surprise pick up, as are the continued links to Hernanes. Look forward to seeing Danilo play, looks like a direct back-up for Fejsa at the 6. I'll save the worst for last-Celis looks terrible and completely out of his depth. Today v. Lyon he looked TERRIBLE! Loan or B team candidate. Italian teams still want Tarrabt? Perhaps Benitez is the answer at the 8. He looks strong and fast, and is a versatile player.

Attack: Carcela and Talisca look destined for the door. Salvio looks 100% and has played great, but him being held out today v. Lyon makes me wonder if we will sell him. Jovic showed me nothing. Guedes still no end product, but great free kicks. Chuky looks like a beast. We overpayed vastly for Jiminez, but you never know with Mendes involved. Rui Fonte deserves a shot but maybe gets loaned out so we can develop Jovic. He got hurt today again-so who knows? Zivkovic is hurt already but WILL be a factor, Carillo too. Where does Pizzi fit in?!

Sporting and Porto dont look to hot this summer at all. I will start with Porto. Nuno already looks out of his depth, with enormous pressure on him. The Porto reinforcements and reclamations look kinda weak. They are stacked in MF but very thin on DF (especially CB) and also in the attack. Brahimi so overpriced, its a laugh. They are asking a lot of Andre Silva, can he deliver? Their other attack options, like Corona, Bueno, Varela, Suk, etc. dont scare anyone. Aboubakar still a threat though.

I am amazed that Sporting is still solvent. Doyen have already seized their upcoming CL group stage payments, how embarrassing! But really-they haven't made a significant player sale in almost 2 years. I think certainly 1 or even 2 in the group of William, Adrien, Joao Mario, Slimani, and Patricio will be sold before the window closes. Possible others too. JJ said as much yesterday. Reinforcements look like mostly unknowns, but I do like the Meli pick up. Lack of striker options was an issue late last season, and looks to be again this year. Slimani wants out, Teo already has a foot out the door, Spalvis is already out 6 mos, and Barcos is a bum. Where will all the goals come from??

I see us start next week like this:


But I think that Ederson and Jardel quickly make it back to the XI. Danilo will eventually be our 6 (especially if Fejsa is hurt again) and that Horta will be the 8, with spells from Benitez and Samaris. I think Pizzi and Benitez are the wild cards because both can play several positions.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Aug 08, 2016 6:00 pm

Well i missed the Eusebio cup and the last friendly with Lyon, but I saw the Super Taca final last night, and apart from that shaky opening 20 mins to the second half, i was impressed with what i saw. The new players seem to have settled in well, and we played with a similarly strong tactical dynamic and good balance of offense and defense, to what we saw last season.

We could've put the match to bed in those opening 25 mins of the match when we were all over Braga. We relaxed a little too much at the start of the second half, and Braga played well and were unlucky not to equalize....but then we finished the match very strongly and were ruthless with putting away our chances. Pizzi is just a class act, he just seems to be getting better and better as time passes, very intelligent and versatile player who really makes us tick, and is an undisputed titular for this coming season. Salvio should be his backup off the bench (providing Toto stays, I hope he does!)

It's the other flank (left) that is up for grabs. Cervi did very well last night, a sublime goal, and he's got terrific pace and movement. But then there's still Zivkovic who has massive potential as well. Carrillo, who's already tried and tested in our Liga, and also Goncalo Guedes, are further options for the left wing. Zivkovic, Carrillo and Guedes can all play on the right flank too, so we have plenty of (quality) options for both flanks. I'm really not worried about the loss of Gaitan. Yes we lost a talented winger, but we have replaced him with 3 talented wingers.

I thought Horta did well as our box to box midfielder last night. Like Matt says above, I agree I'm still not sure if he's ready to be an absolute titular, as he's a little small in frame and not very tough and physical like Renato is. So especially against strong opposition, we may need someone else there or to play a 3 man midfield with him there (as we did for the final 15 mins last night). But he's got good technical ability and doesn't stop running and working, which are good qualities. I actually think Danilo was brought in to play as the number 8 box to box. I've seen him play for both Braga and Valencia and he's versatile enough to play 6 or 8. He's tough and physical, so I think against strong opposition, him and Fejsa together would work well in a 4-4-2 formation. But I agree with Matt, central midfield is the biggest issue with the loss of such a unique talent in Renato. But if both Horta and Danilo make good starts to their SLB careeers, then he could be adequately replaced.

The defense looked pretty good, and let's not forget that Jardel will likely be the titular in central defence partnering Lindelof, instead of Luisao. Nelson Semedo is great coming forward, which probably means he will start more than Andre Almeida this coming season. Grimaldo looks good in possession and has good passing ability, however he looks a little physically weak at times and got caught out of position a few times last night. I think Eliseu will have every chance of winning back his starting place. In any case, i think both full back positions should be rotated a lot this season to keep everyone fresh.

So overall the squad looks exciting and we look like clear favorites to win the tetra-campeonato. Despite the lossesof Gaitan and Renato, the squad actually looks stronger than last season, certainly more options in all the positions. We definitely have the means in this squad to have another successful season ahead.

Re: Summer Transfer Window 2016

Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:28 pm

Well no thread was put up for our opening home match against Setubal last night, so I'll make a few comments here! That was a very frustrating match to watch. We just didn't play well enough, not enough intensity and rhythm to our play, only when we went a goal down did the intensity get raised in the latter stages of the second half.

I think Rui Vitoria has to take some of the blame this time with his starting lineup, I didn't like it as soon as I saw it and I was proved right as the match materialized. A home match against Setubal (a team we almost always beat convincingly in recent seasons), why did Vitoria opt for the cautious 4-5-1 with Mitroglou as the lone striker? At home? Come on! Should've started Jimenez from the start and a 4-4-2. We looked much more dangerous as soon as Jimenez came on.

Some more thoughts: I think we need Danilo in that midfield as the number 8. We lacked some intensity and power in the middle of the park and he can give us that. I like Horta's technique and work rate, but he's a little lightweight and not very physical. I think Danilo is a more solid starting option especially for the 4-4-2 formation. Pizzi must stay on the right wing, that's his best position and he is simply a better option than Salvio at the moment to start that position. I'm still yet to be fully convinced with Grimaldo. He's good in possession of the ball and coming forward, but defensively he looks a little shaky at times. Eliseu is far more experienced and I'd like to see him get a start again soon.

Anyway it's only the second match of the season and we shouldn't get worried about one blip performance. Last season we also took a while to get going. This season's squad is exciting with plenty of options. And if Rafa Silva does indeed get confirmed, then we would have an even more potent looking attack with more options. Much to look forward this season.
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